"Janet King", new Australian drama with lesbian lead character

Leading Australian actress Marta Dusseldorp (A Place to Call Home, Jack Irish) shines again in the new, must-see legal drama JANET KING. As a fiercely intelligent prosecutor, her character is an extremely strong female lead that stands by her principles as she faces dangerous criminals, sexist colleagues, and corrupt policemen, while raising twin children with her wife. I highly recommend this gripping series.
“Gritty, crime-centered drama with a lesbian lead…Marta Dusseldorp is stunning...
You will fall in love with watching her wrestle principle and pragmatism…
a real and authentic depiction of a same-sex marriage” –AfterEllen
“Marta Dusseldorp is effortlessly cool as Janet King, a fully developed female character that we don’t see often enough on our screens.” –The Hoopla
CHECK IT OUT!  Here's a link to the trailer ( All 8-episodes are available on the press watch site, 
Janet King makes its U.S. Premiere exclusively on Acorn TV on Mondays, March 14 through April 25.