Quick Tips: Autumn Decor & Inspo

Quick Tips:  Autumn Decor & Inspo

Looking for a few last-minute add's for your FABULOUS AUTUMN CELEBRATION??  As the days start to turn chillier and the leaves begin to change...  a new season is on its way - we've drawn on the inspiration of Fall to bring you a few fresh Tips & Decor Ideas!

  • Sure, pumpkins, sunflowers and fall foliage are always a beautiful complement to your wedding designs, but also consider APPLES and TREE-RELATED DECOR (such as bark, nuts, leaves, branches) as an easy way to bring in the rustic feel!  Branches are great for displaying seating cards, hanging decor, keepsakes, candies or even small necessaries...  Bark is a textured way to add depth and grounding energy to your centerpieces and other decoratives...  Leaves (faux usually works best) can be used as a hanging ornamentation over your dinner table/s or in doorways or to adorn your ceremony arch or gazebo.  Apples can serve as a frame to heighten your cake, polish table decor, or can be arranged in baskets or bowls as eye-catching stand-alone designs (and serve as a fun snack for your guests!)"

  • Earthy-colored scarves or quilts as keepsake items...  Brown / Green / Orange / Deep Red / Yellow scarves are wonderful accents for bouquets, tablescapes, arches or doorways.  They are also lovely keepsake items to offer to your guests, attendants or special wedding vendors!  Quilts too can be offered as keepsakes, or simply placed strategically throughout your reception area, as a fun way to help build the nostalgic atmosphere you are creating with your seasonally themed wedding.  (Budgeting Tip:  Lightly used quilts can often be found at your local thrift shop!)

  • Dried Florals - not only are these a simple way to add a finishing touch to your wedding decorations, they are also easy to take home and set on the mantle as a keepsake treasure from Your Special Day!

  • Stones - the heartbeat of Mother Earth, stone decor also brings in grounding energy and adds a rustic touch.  Consider making this an interactive piece:  With a vase full of permanent markers, arrange various rocks in a basket or on a table and ask guests to write a short saying or prayer on a stone of their choice, as a beautiful and heartfelt message for your future together.  Then you'll have a collection of stones to take with you - for home decor, garden decor, or to set about the corners of your home:  foundational keepsakes for your new life together!

  • Candles and mood lighting - large lanterns, vases and other containers for candles, as well as string lighting and other unique options are usually available through your venue, wedding planner or rental company.  Just ask!

  • Amazing Delectables to set your Wedding Fare apart!  Remember to brainstorm with your caterer or chef to get creative with the gifts of the season!  Sweet potatoes, leeks, pumpkins, cranberries...  Consider soup shooters, appetizing sweet potato slices topped with feta, herbs and chives...  Filo tarts filled with warm veggies, nuts and cheeses...  Savory pies as well as sweet dessert pies...  Remember to use pumpkins as serving 'bowls.'  Delightful!

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