Learning to Dance Can Make Your Wedding Truly Unforgettable

Learning to Dance Can Make Your Wedding Truly Unforgettable
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Where to have the wedding. What to wear. Who to invite. What to eat.  There’s so much to think about when getting married that some couples forget one of the most fun elements of all: their wedding dance.

The wedding dance is your first step forward as a married couple. It is your opportunity to show everyone how beautifully you move together. "My fiancée and I started taking swing dance classes,” reports Hudson Valley resident Emma Stokes. “We had no idea what we were getting into and had no previous experience dancing together. Wednesday nights quickly became our favorite night of the week. The instructors created a comfortable atmosphere for learning. We spent most of our time laughing, and we ended up being pretty good! We never thought we would swing dance at our wedding, but by the time we were done with the group classes, we had so much fun that we signed up for private lessons. The instructors designed a series of swing moves for our song, and we swing danced as our grand entrance! Dancing was a wonderful way for us to take the time to connect as a couple during the stressful planning periods, and we will certainly be back for more!”

There is nothing more beautiful than watching a couple in love dancing together.  “My sister watched us practice our dance a few nights before the wedding,” adds Emma. “She was moved to tears and rewrote her speech to say how touched she was by the obvious connection we had, and the joy and pride we had in each other while dancing.”

Any skilled instructor should be able to work with you and your song, or help you select a song and appropriate dance style. The earlier you can begin lessons the better since you’ll be able to feel completely comfortable by the time you get to the wedding, if you’ve had sufficient time to gain skills and confidence. But even if you can only squeeze in one or two lessons, they will help you look more at ease and not succumb to the stand-and-sway of most couples.

Learning to dance together is not only a great way to look fantastic on your wedding day, but also a great way to bring a new hobby into your married lives. And don’t forget lessons for the father/s or mother/s dances with their newly married daughter/s or son/s.  Lessons for the entire wedding party can also be a real showstopper!


Linda and Chester Freeman of Got2Lindy Dance Studios have taught all over the world and on cruises since 2004.  They specialize in providing private dance lessons to wedding couples, and have helped hundreds of couples like Emma make their dance dreams come true.  They also teach group swing dance classes and run monthly social dances in Kingston NY (Hudson Valley.)  Private lessons and group classes also available via Zoom.  Named the Best Dance Studio on The Knot 2022.

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