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Quick Tips from a Wedding Photographer

So Happy Together
Jean Ann Photography

Any general planning tips you can suggest, as a seasoned wedding professional?

Don’t sweat every single detail. Focus on what’s most important.

What do you find most exciting about working in the wedding industry?

I love learning couples’ stories; how they met, length of time together, and funny adventures.

What are some specific ideas you have for our readers, from your point of view as a wedding pro?

As a photographer, I’d suggest photos that represent the couple. If they can add props it makes it more personal.

What should a couple look for when hiring your type of business?

When hiring a photographer, look for someone who is flexible, and who will listen to your ideas. Look for someone who welcomes your specific preferences, as far as poses. Candid shots are also nice. Obviously, you want someone with the right gear also.

How can a couple be sure a business is LGBTQ+ friendly?

Ask a lot of questions to feel them out.

Any tips for couples about unique ways to include attendants and family in their Special Day?

Have breakfast together, shop together for dresses, suits, flowers, etc.  Ask someone to pin on flowers for you. Is someone good at hair or makeup? Someone could hand out programs or designate someone to call out names of people who need to be in group photos.

Budgeting tips?

Don’t over spend just to impress someone. Flowers can be done by a crafty friend, and invitations can be printed at home.

Lasting Quote you'd like to mention to any couple who is currently planning their wedding?

The day goes by very quickly. Be sure to take a few moments for just the two of you. Take a short walk outside your venue and just enjoy each other.


Jean Ann Photography is based in Wisconsin.




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