Going Green with Your Wedding?...

Consider favors and keepsakes, or a wedding gift, that support honey bees! 
Waxing Kara® is a Chesterhaven Beach Farm in Maryland, where 40 acres have been dedicated to providing bees a healthy place to create extraordinarily wonderful honey.  All genetically modified crops have been removed from the farmland and instead high-nectar, indigenous wildflowers, lavender, fruit trees, sunflowers and more have been planted to keep the bees healthy & thriving.

In turn, Kara and her staff then make the honey into nourishing, Farm to Body® spa products such as honey scrub and body balm, lip care, candles in delightful scents such as "Glory Bee Honeysuckle" or "Peace on Earth Lavender", splendid teas and more.  Ideal as favors for rustic weddings are honey samplers or Waxing Kara's original honey lollipops, which come in a variety of flavors like "Cinnamon Honey", "Lavender Honey", "Bourbon Honey" and "Dark Chocolate Dipped."  -A scrumptious way to indulge your wedding guests!

When asked about her support of the LGBTQ+ community, Kara told us:  "The bees don’t judge-so why should we? At Waxing Kara, we believe in supporting and upholding the fundamental rights of every person, no matter an individual’s background. America is a melting pot of people from different cultures, backgrounds, and identities-this is intrinsic to who we are as a people, and standing by as others challenge these standards is not something we believe in.

We proudly stand behind and support everyone in the LGBTQ+ community, not because it is a trendy business decision, but because it is fundamentally the right thing to do. LGBTQ+ people are our family, friends, workers, and community; without them, we would not know the strength, beauty, and resilience that we are so privy to now."

-Check out Waxing Kara's website for more gift ideas, beautifully unique, original artwork (from beeswax!) and further information about the company's commitment to the honey bees!
Kara Brook, Founder
Waxing Kara - Bee Inspired®
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