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Welcome to Photography by Eileen!  I am Eileen and along with my husband Howard, we have developed our company based on delivering the highest quality service and delivered product while be extremely affordable.  We also believe in and strongly support LGBTQ+ rights and freedoms!  We offer both photography & videography services and create memorable video movies that you can cherish for all time.  We like to work directly with our customers on a highly personalized level so we can meet your vision for your most special day.   You few of our accolades that we are very proud of, include: We were featured in both the spring & fall issues of D Magazine's Weddings in 2021. We were also feature 3 times in DFW Bride & Groom Magazine. We had achieved the honorable status of becoming A Thumbtack National Top Pro for seven consecutive years. We had help to develop, promote and also videoed the first Aids Walk in Cleveland, OH. We would be honored and delighted to capture your Wedding day.  Please check out our website: and call, text or e-mail me so we can get a chance to get to know each other and see if we can play an integral part


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  • DO NOT HIRE Photography by Eileen!


    DO NOT HIRE Photography by Eileen! Eileen and her husband, Howard, failed to deliver our wedding photos and video and our precious memories are apparently lost forever. We are embarrassed to share the few photos we received. We have never written a negative review about a business in the past, but we are now compelled to do so. Pursuant to our Wedding Media Proposal dated 1/19/22, Photography by Eileen promised to provide its Photography & Videography Package, which included: (i) “edited pictures on a USB drive” with “no[] limit” on the number of pictures; (ii) a “Full Video of your Ceremony;” (iii) a “Highlight Movie (any length you want up to 30 minutes)”; and (iv) a “Print Package.” These items were to be provided “approx. 4 to 5 weeks after the Event.” The Proposal also included “One Primary Photographer[,] One Videographer and One Assistant Photographer (for Getting Ready and B Roll Photos.)” A professional photographer with similar skills” to Eileen was to be provided should “an emergency” prevent Eileen from serving as photographer. In May 2022, we informed Eileen that our wedding date had been pushed back to October 15. Eileen stated that the Company had another event scheduled for October 15, but that they could and would handle both weddings. Eileen proposed to send two, not three people to our wedding, to which we consented. Photography by Eileen failed to deliver. Only one person (Howard) appeared at our wedding. Today, a full FIFTEEN weeks after the wedding, we have not received the Full Video of our wedding, and Eileen and Howard refuse to tell us if the video was ever taken: We now suspect it was not. (We have also not received the highlight video.) The photos we have received (piecemeal, months after the wedding), are very poor. None of the family photos were taken full length; rather, the shots were cut off at the calves. The photoediting was also poor. We asked Eileen and Howard to provide raw images (CR2 files) so that we could provide them to a professional photo editor we decided to hire. Unfortunately, Howard informed us that they had already cleared/deleted the SD card of photos from the wedding ceremony. Several hundred photos in the original file format, including once-in-a-lifetime family photos are lost forever. Howard’s excuse was that Photography by Eileen edits the JPEG images, which is NOT what REAL photo editors use because JPEGs are too compressed for meaningful edits. This practice explains the low-quality editing and emphasizes how amateurish their entire operation truly is. Finally, in late December, we sent Eileen a letter stating that Photography by Eileen had breached its contract and its agreement to send two people to the wedding. We asked for the complete set of raw photo images in original format (CR2) and the full, final edited video. In response, Eileen and Howard claimed that there was no agreement to bring in help, that Howard as a one-man-show was a “generous solution,” and that they actually lost money having to hire someone else to support the OTHER wedding they booked. They also claimed that we breached the contract by moving our wedding date, so that the contract no longer applied. But the contract states, “if the event needs to be postponed for a later date, there will be no additional charge to reschedule, and full credit will be applied toward a new date,” which implies that the contract is still valid. To add insult to injury, they claimed that we were not owed a video because we initially selected the photography-only plan when we first engaged them. I have receipts from Photography by Eileen and Venmo that show that videography was added and paid on July 13th, which affirms that a video is part of our package, regardless of when we added it. After an additional month of discussion to resolve this matter, Howard agreed to refund us the total cost we paid to Photography by Eileen, which included the cost of photography, videography, and extra time during the wedding. We put this into a lawyer-approved settlement agreement and sent it to them. Unfortunately, even a basic refund agreement turned into an arduous back and forth, further highlighting how inferior Photography by Eileen is compared to actual photography professionals. In summary: · We had to remind Howard on many occasions to respond/sign the agreement · He shared that he couldn’t afford to return the full amount in one lump sum. Rather, he wanted to pay it over the course of a year, which amounted to less than $100 per month. They were double-booked on our wedding day, so where are the payments going? · After outlining what we paid by date and amount on the settlement agreement and providing receipts for all payments, Howard couldn’t recall receiving the extra payment for the extra time at our wedding and referenced not receiving an “excel document.” We never mentioned an excel document in our communications, so we were at a loss as to what he was referring to. · He insisted that we deduct the cost of the engagement pictures from the refund amount. The engagement pictures were promised to us upon paying upfront for the wedding, which we did. They failed to uphold their end of the contract. Therefore, we refused this request. In short, we paid Photography by Eileen in full for photography and videography, but received a fraction of our wedding pictures, all of which were the worst quality I have ever seen, and NO video. We had many guests that were unable to attend our wedding due to COVID concerns and distance which we promised a video. Now we only have bits and pieces from what guests shared with us. Furthermore, we looked forward to rewatching our wedding annually on our anniversary. None of this is possible because they did not follow through on what they received payment for. Again, DO NOT HIRE Photography by Eileen! Our wedding was a once-in-a-lifetime event that can’t be recreated. Documentation of it was completely stolen from us by Photography by Eileen. We suggest you look elsewhere and save yourself from the headache and heartache. Message me, and I will share some photo examples and communications with them that reaffirm that they are NOT worthy of your consideration.
    Verified Review
  • DO NOT USE unless you want to wait WEEKS


    The photos were good and decent. I would high recommend staying away from this photographer unless you have weeks to wait! Our original contract stated that photos and videos would be finished in 6 weeks, and the photos started coming in around 5 weeks which was good, I was more than patient with the photographer and videographer, and waited about 12 weeks for our long video after contacting her many times. And the video is awful, looked like Howard threw random clips together and didn’t cut them and the audio is awful. And our wedding was on October 2nd, 2022. I am writing this review as of MARCH 20th, 2023!! With still no highlight video that I paid for. 6 weeks contract and now we are at 22 weeks! Absolutely ridiculous. I waited a LONG time to write this review but after contacting Eileen MULTIPLE times, want to warn the community! I have just texted her asking for a partial refund.
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