7 Tips to Serving Great Frozen Drinks at Your Party

Want to throw a Party that your guests will never forget?

A great frozen Margarita or other frozen drink can make all the difference between a “regular” party and a great party that people remember for months or years. It’s really not hard to make killer frozen drinks. If you just follow these few simple secrets, you’ll be serving drinks you guests will rave about.

1. Ingredients: Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT have to buy the most expensive Liquor in town to make great tasting Frozen Drinks. In fact, the taste of your drink is 95% determined by the mix you use. The drinks are so cold, you won’t taste the difference; so don’t waste your money on the expensive brands! Finally, always make sure you use the best-tasting, quality drink mixes.

2. Location: If you are making frozen drinks for a few guests, using your blender in the kitchen or at a bar will work just fine. Keep in mind the noise and the mess when considering the location options. If you’re entertaining a bigger group, consider renting a Margarita Machine. It will free you up from the blender so you can enjoy your guests! If you are using a Margarita Machine, the noise won’t be a problem, but it might be a bit bulky in your kitchen. The machine should come on a rolling cart. Consider putting it in a doorway to a laundry room, or on a shaded patio. Also, keep in mind that the machine weighs nearly 200 lbs., so make sure that your location does not require the machine to be carried up or down any stairs or other steep, difficult areas. This will avoid extra charges for additional labor or special equipment.

3. Themes, Colors & Flavors: For example, Margaritas or other frozen drinks can be made in almost any flavor or color you desire, including “swirl”. Choose a color or flavor that matches the theme of your party, and people will talk about your party for years to come. For example, serve: • Strawberry Daiquiri (red) with Fresh Strawberries dipped in Dark Chocolate on Valentine’s Day • Margarita Italiana (olive green) with Antipasto Trays on Columbus Day • Frozen Hurricane (crimson) with Shrimp Gumbo on Fat Tuesday • Mango Margarita (orange) on Halloween • Frozen Sangria (burgundy) with Spanish Tapas for a “Running of the Bulls” party • Goombay Smash (pink) with Jerk Chicken for a Bob Marley Fest Have fun and use your imagination!

4. Instruction and Setup: Whoever delivers your machine should always go over the machine operation and instruct you how to make the first batch and give you clear written instructions on how to operate the machine and how to make the next batch? You’ll need to have your liquor purchased and ready to make the first batch of drinks. To make sure the machine runs properly so you and your party guests will have a great time, be sure you have the machine plugged into an outlet that does not share the circuit with any other appliances, like refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, etc.

5. How to Deal with Hot Days: Ok, so many of us live in the humid East Coast… Summer temperatures can easily top 90+ degrees in the shade. It’s nearly impossible for any margarita machine to keep up with guest demands if the machine is outdoors in the hot sun. Here are tips to make sure the Margarita Machine can keep your Drinks frozen and delicious: • If possible, locate the machine in an air-conditioned space. • If it’s impossible to put it indoors, keep the machine in the shade. Shade will work wonders. Use ice to keep the mixing buckets cool before pouring it into the machine. • Place your alcohol in the freezer to help the freezing process Just add a bag of ice in the mixing container before you put anything else in there. Then follow the standard directions to make your mix. Important: Stir until all the ice has melted before you put it into the machine. • Don’t use an extension cord for the machine unless absolutely necessary. If you have to, then make sure you use the extension cord provided by the rental company. (At The Margarita Man we have the correct type and length that works best with the machine and we’ll loan it to you, free of charge. )

6. Plan for the Right Number of Machines: Of course, you don’t want to run out of Margaritas in the middle of your party, but you don’t want to spend more money than you have to for Margarita Machines. So how do you know if you need more than one machine for your party? A good estimate is one machine per 75-100 people, even if you’re serving other drinks. Also, if you’re having an event where all 100 people are going to show up at the same time and go straight to the Margarita Machine (like a wedding reception) you should definitely consider getting a second machine!

7. What to do when something's not right: In general, Frozen Beverage Machines are very reliable. But, like all things mechanical, they can malfunction, or perhaps you’ve forgotten something the driver told you about the machine. So to make sure your event is hassle-free, be sure to do the following: • Get a cell phone number that will be answered during the hours of your party, just in case. • Find out up front if the company has a guarantee policy.