"Spam Blockers are No Joke!"

"Spam Blockers are No Joke!"  -One of the exhibitors for our Atlanta LGBTQ Wedding Expo made this comment last week, with regard to having trouble receiving email communication from us, the event producer... and it struck me:  the same is true for couples!  And so I thought I would take time to mention this very simple issue:  nowadays of course it's commonplace to reach out to a wedding vendor via text or email, instead of making a phone call.  Easy, convenient...  Right?!

Well yes, unless your email never reaches them... or, their reply email never reaches you...  Spam blockers are indeed getting stronger every day.  But they're not necessarily getting smarter.  And they don't always block what we want them to.

Many people think the Junk Folder in their email software (such as "Outlook") is where those blocked messages get trapped.  Not usually so!  These days you have to take the extra step to log in to your email browser's back-end, and check the spam folder there.  And occasionally, incoming emails are blocked even before this point... and the average user has no way of ever finding them.

The solution??  If you feel like there has been a lapse in communication, get old-fashioned and pick up the phone!  Don't assume that the wedding vendor you were hoping to hear back from has acted unprofessionallly or simply forgotten to respond to you.  99% of the time that is not the case at all - the culprit most of the time is the issue of the emails getting blocked somewhere along the way.

Additiionally, if you have relied on a digital format for your save-the-dates or invitations, don't always trust that the message has gotten through unimpeded.  If you use an app or professional wedding software, those are usually reliable.  However, at times those too can get blocked.  So keep this in mind when researching which digital applications are going to work best for your wedding planning needs.

And again, when in doubt, just pick up the phone!  It's still the best way to ensure a deliberate, personalized and successful connection!