Cozy Fall Favors for your Guests!

Cozy Fall Favors for your Guests!

Easy, Fun & Budget-friendly:  Buy mason jars in bulk and DIY your own customized tags as you like. (Colored string and burlap, a tiny embellishment, a pre-printed sticker on a pre-cut tag design and you're done!) Fill jars with your choice of autumn-inspired treats: caramel popcorn... deconstructed wedding cake... cookie bake mix (oatmeal raisin with walnuts, please!)... hot cocoa mix... fall-colored candies... s'more kits...

Consider purchasing small edible favors that are already pre-packaged, or make your own by canning in advance: apple butter, fresh honey, maple syrup, pumpkin shaped sugar cookies, mixed coffee beans... Or get more sophisticated and certainly memorable with flavors such as Red Pear Lavender Jam or Hot PepperJelly: yummy delights that are sure to make your guests feel warm & cozy, from the inside-out!

Lots of Pet Lovers on your guest list? Fill jars with pet treats and create a sign with your own furry friend's photo: "My folks got hitched! Please take a treat for your own critter babies!"

Use the filled jar idea... or instead use, mini-buckets or rainbow colored kerchiefs - pack these with custom made tic tac toe games: Make your own using pipe cleaners (to make the board) and small tokens of your choice. Either purchase at a craft store and embellish with paints, fabric or markers... choose differently colored buttons... or pick out small stones and mark them using an indelible pen with you & your partner's initials. If you'd like the board more permanent, consider gluing ribbon or fabric on a small square of burlap, then rolling this up to tuck in to the kerchief. An adorable take-away gift for each guest, inviting them to remember to take fun & playfulness home with them!

Outdoor Reception? Gather several throws or small quilts (either in bulk online, have fun thrifting for lightly used treasures... or crochet your own.) DIY a chalkboard sign "To Have & To Hold... In Case You Get Cold..." Tie each blanket in a roll with colored ribbon to match your ceremony colors and add a customized tag so guests know these are favors to keep!

Search online for 'Fall pumpkin favors' or 'Autumn Leaf decor' to add to your inspiration and build on your theme. The possibilities are bountifully endless!



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