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People Exclusive: (NEW YORK) – Albert Cashier hid his identity to fight for the Union in the Civil War. Years later, however, his role in the war – and as a man – came under fire.

The new documentary series We've Been Around looks at remarkable, often little-known stories of trans people who made history.

Rhys Ernst, the Emmy-nominated director and co-producer ofTransparent, and Focus Features, the film company behind The Danish Girl, teamed up to create the series, launching exclusively,, and (Alicia Vikander won an Oscar on Sunday for playing the wife of transgender artist Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl, now out on DVD and On Demand.)

In this video clip, a narrator tells the dramatic story of a transgender man who hid his identity for years in order to fight for his country.

"Though Albert started his life as a girl, his cropped hair and manner of dress raised no questions," the video says about a 19-year-old Cashier in 1862.

Two years earlier, Cashier was a stowaway and journeyed from Ireland to the United States to start his new life as a transgender man.

"To join the Union Army, a person had to be able to march and run," the narrator says. "You had to have a trigger finger and enough teeth to rip open a powder cartridge. You had to be a man."

Cashier joined the 95th Illinois regiment and participated in over 40 engagements, making him among the few transgender men known to have fought in the Civil War. Members of his regiment knew him as "Al" or "Little Albert" and he was considered an honorable member of the regiment.

See the full article from People for more details!



Leading Australian actress Marta Dusseldorp (A Place to Call Home, Jack Irish) shines again in the new, must-see legal drama JANET KING. As a fiercely intelligent prosecutor, her character is an extremely strong female lead that stands by her principles as she faces dangerous criminals, sexist colleagues, and corrupt policemen, while raising twin children with her wife. I highly recommend this gripping series.
“Gritty, crime-centered drama with a lesbian lead…Marta Dusseldorp is stunning...
You will fall in love with watching her wrestle principle and pragmatism…
a real and authentic depiction of a same-sex marriage” –AfterEllen
“Marta Dusseldorp is effortlessly cool as Janet King, a fully developed female character that we don’t see often enough on our screens.” –The Hoopla
CHECK IT OUT!  Here's a link to the trailer ( All 8-episodes are available on the press watch site, 
Janet King makes its U.S. Premiere exclusively on Acorn TV on Mondays, March 14 through April 25.

deb9f9efc56ef2a940bdf0d58ccaad5c LFor some the idea of tackling any aspect of your wedding to do list without the aid of a professional is a daunting and often scary task.   For others taking on aspects such as wedding décor and favors can be a fun de-stressor and offer welcome reprieve from the everyday stress of planning a wedding. In this week's podcast we discuss some fun and creative ideas for wedding centerpieces, lighting and more. We invite you and your partner to sit down and find your inspiration with some fun ideas we've collected from around Pinterest on our Ideas & Inspiration boards. You can find them online at




Prom1In continued support of the Lousiana senior who was refused to attend her prom in a tuxedo last Spring, SharpeSuiting and NikKacy have launched the The Love Fellowship awarding one deserving LGBTQ senior (High School) a custom head-to-toe outfit.
Participants are encouraged to share "why a unique gender expression is important" along with their vision for a perfect prom outfit via by February 13, 2016.