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In 2007, eight young entrepreneurs founded ONEHOPE Wine, and sold 168 cases of their product, with homemade labels, out of the trunks of their cars.  Their vision was to sell amazing wine and donate a sizeable percentage of the profit back to social and community based causes, providing the wine connoissueur the opportunity to make a real difference with each purchase.

Their mission statement reads:  "ONEHOPE is a lifestyle brand with a world-class vineyard in the heart of Napa.  We give back and create a measurable impact through every product in our family of brands.

Our story is one that inspires the common person; epitomizes entrepreneurship; defies odds; and positions women and small businesses as the leaders of the most important movement in the country.  At ONEHOPE we believe consumers want to make a social impact with their everyday lifestyle choices, so we are building a brand that allows them to do that with a platform that is helping other businesses do it too."

And real impact?  Indeed!  After that auspicious start in 2007, in the following year ONEHOPE sold over 1000 cases and donated over $25,000.  By 2009, the company had begun to collaborate with Robert Mondavi Jr. and by 2013 ONEHOPE launched on Amazon and still holds the #1 placement on the site for selling wine.

Here are some of the options when you purchase a bottle:


  • Sparkling Brut Rainbow Edition from the Glitter Collection (Every four bottles sold funds 1 hour of operational costs for a help line to assist LGBTQ youth in crisis, through a contribution directly to the Trevor Project)

  • Pinot Noir (Every case helps one animal find their forever home, through the ASPCA)

  • Merlot (One bottle provides life changing medicine to one child in need, through the charitable organization End7)

  • Sauvignon Blanc (Each case provides the planting of six trees, through Trees4Trees)

  • Carneros Reserve Chardonnay from the Reserve Collection (Every bottle helps end bullying and other crises through counseling services via the Crisis Text Line)

  • Reserve GSM (Each case reunites one veteran with a sense of purpose by leading and organizing natural disaster relief through Team Rubicon)

  • Sparkling Brut (Every case funds 25 meals to a child in need, via WhyHunger)

...And the list goes on and on! 

Additionally, any couple who purchases ONEHOPE wine for their wedding will receive 30% off the listed price for a full case (12) and 18% off for a half case (6).  But what's even better is that 10% of THEIR PURCHASE can be donated to a cause of THEIR choice!

Check out the website for full details, or meet their staff in person at's upcoming LGBTQ Wedding Expo in Houston on Sunday September 17th!



People Exclusive – Jackie Evancho Takes on Trump After Inauguration Performance: I Want to Tell Him ‘the Horrors’ My Trans Sister Has Faced


(NEW YORK) – Jackie Evancho may have sung at the inauguration, but when President Donald Trump rescinded Obama-era protections for transgender people, she changed her tune.

For the new issue of People, the 16-year-old classical vocalist opened up about the backlash she received for her appearance at the Inaugural and how why she wants to sit down with Trump and her trans sister Juliet to discuss transgender rights.

“I [performed] because it’s always been about the honor and not about the politics. I try my best to stay out of politics,” says Evancho. But when Trump took action that could harm her sister, she felt compelled to speak up — “because at that point, something had changed that was going to affect a cause that I believe in. It was going to affect my sister, who I truly love, and people that I know. It was just natural instinct. I had to do something about it.”

Indeed, the America’s Got Talent alum — whose new album Two Hearts drops Friday — took to social media in February after Trump signed the executive order rolling back protections for trans youth, requesting a meeting with the President. The White House said Trump would “welcome” a meeting but have yet to confirm an appointment.

“We’re actively working on it,” says Evancho, who remains hopeful she’ll get the opportunity to sit down with Trump.

On Monday, the Pittsburgh native tweeted Trump again, posting: “THANK YOU for being open to meeting with me to discuss #trans rights. I’ll be in #DC on 3/30 & 3/31. Can we meet?”

As for what Evancho would say if she gets the chance to meet with the President?