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The Heart of Equality / Joel Bagnal, Goldsmith

Monday, 24 October 2016
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Can you imagine walking into a bridal expo with vendors who will turn you away based on who you choose to marry? Unfortunately, this may be easy to imagine, because it’s not abnormal for vendors to decline services to same-sex couples. Co-owner of Rainbow Wedding Network, Cindy Puechl-Sproul, often says, “LGBT couples can walk down the aisle in  the morning and in many locations still get fired from their jobs that same afternoon for who they’ve married.” In today’s world, we’ve come so far as a nation in regard to equality; however, in many ways we’ve taken steps back. Even though gay and lesbian couples can now legally get marry in all 50 states, since the SCOTUS decision in June 2015 there have been over 200 anti-LGBT pieces of legislation proposed in locales all across our country!

Did you know that many wedding expos actually have an employee walk around with a piece of paper that has an equality sign printed on it? These employees are tasked to ask vendors if they support equality and same-sex couples getting married. If the vendor does support and accept LGBT couples, they will put the equality sign on their booth. If a vendor declines and chooses not to put the sign of equality on their booth, they’re making it known that same-sex couples are not welcome to do business with their company.

Joel Bagnal with Joel Bagnal, Goldsmith experienced this when he participated in a larger bridal expo in the Orlando area. At first, his immediate response was shock that he was even being asked if he would turn same-sex couples away and quickly replied, “Yes, I want the equality sign on my booth! Why would you NOT want to be a part of EVERYONE’S wedding?!” He was so dismayed by the amount of vendors who did not accept same-sex couples, that Joel himself decided to create jewelry to specifically honor the LGBT community.

Joel is an expert goldsmith with an M.Ed. and an M.F.A. in Metalsmithing, he teaches and creates metals programs for Cedar Crest College and Boston University, and he is a National Endowment for the Arts grant recipient. You can find his work in the Smithsonian Institute Collections, the Collections of the Minnesota Museum of Art, and at his current shop located at 11C, Aviles Street, St. Augustine, FL.

Joel has also worked with LGBT couples for many years to create that perfect wedding ring.“For over 40 years, we have offered distinctively handmade designs in gold and silver jewelry. We commemorate marriages, partnerships, and any special occasion or relationship with collaboratively designed objects of adornment. We provide expert advice in diamonds and gemstones. We serve clients,” he emphasizes, “not customers.”

Needless to say, Joel was ecstatic with the recent inspiration to get started on his new equality line. Immediately after the bridal fair, Joel got to work on his fresh ideas. Shortly after, the Heart of Equality line was created. Together, Joel blends a heart symbol with an equal symbol inside to represent love and equality. This uniquely delicate design is a timeless piece that one can wear at any time with any wardrobe.  The Heart of Equality line is offered in studded earrings, beautiful earrings that hang, charm bracelets that can also be worn as an anklet, and as a necklace pendant. This exquisite jewelry line can be worn by all genders in any walk of life - anyone who supports the LGBT community’s right to equaity.

You can find Joel’s Heart of Equality line on his website, https://www.joelbagnalgoldsmith.com/. Also, if you’re looking for unique wedding rings, Joel creates custom wedding bands that are designed specifically for you and made to reflect your personalities as individuals as well as your union as a couple.

Joel Bagnal, Goldsmith





Quick DIY Tip: Chalkboard Labels!

Friday, 18 December 2015
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chalk-a-lotPlanning to polish your wedding festivities with a little DIY flair?  Chalkboard labels are an easy way to add a fresh, trendy look in a variety of ways!
Favors & Keepsakes - Fill jars with custom candy, as favors and/or colorful centerpieces at your reception tables.  Glass vases with hand-picked wildflowers from your garden are another nostalgic option!  Label one for each family to take away with them as a keepsake, or label with fun sayings that resonate with your wedding theme.
Seating Tags - There are endless ways to create an artistic seating chart, for your reception or for any party!  Peel and stick, eraseable labels can be a simple way to make things easy on yourself - always a great idea!
Engagement Party?  Labels can be used for all sorts of party games and favors.  Or, if there are friends from both sides of the family who are not yet acquainted, invite everyone to create their own name label to ease the introductions.
Gift Giving - Hand-write or draw on all kinds of gift items!  Home made jams can be a sweet gift for wedding guests, or for your favorite couple.  With custom crafted beer or soda, the chalkboard labels are a trendy way to accent that you've made the brew yourself!  Labels can also be added as a bold accent to wrapped gifts too.  Finding a few different color chalk markers, and practicing with fonts easily dresses up your labels and adds even more pizzazz and color!
Our favorite chalkboard label kit is Chalk-A-Lot!
#1 RATED VINYL CHALKBOARD LABELS - Made from thick, highly durable, top-quality PVC vinyl, these stickers are built to last; they are eco-friendly, dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe and feature a smooth, matte surface that's specially designed to be written on and erased again and again.  The kit is available with or without one liquid chalk pen.  $14.99 for 60 border-cut blackboard stickers plus the chalk marker!

More info is available at:

AngAffairsRWN29Kelly Teves, owner and creative mind behind Angelic Affairs Wedding & Event Planning and Floral Design operates her business out of two locations:  Newport,  Rhode Island and in Beverly Hills, California.  However, technically, she operates worldwide, planning weddings as far away as the Azores Islands, and even farther. Her wide array of talents, and those of her staff, enable her to design and personally implement your entire event from save-the-date cards, to personally created florals, to personally created Swarovski and silk ribbon-adorned candles, to miraculously transforming a former 1880’s military armory into a fairytale venue for a fairytale night.

Her knack for armory-to-amorous concepts--backed by her knack for creativity-- is something Teves developed through yeas as a model and an interior designer, her training  through Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants, and now ten years as an event planner--has become somewhat of a brand. “We particularly specialize in planning custom, unique, offbeat, out-of-the-box, themed weddings and events,” she says.

Teves’ outside-the-box events require more than creative talent on a variety of levels, however. They include having an up-close familiarity with the latest in wedding and reception trends, and she is on top of it all for 2016, and even beyond, with well-informed predictions, the first being that weddings will be more elaborate, but not in the traditional sense. Rather, they are becoming elaborate in terms of their creativity, with those outside the box themes for which Teves has become widely known.

But she says that although couples are looking for creative weddings, many come to her not knowing what they want, so she begins immediately to develop a theme   “I send a questionnaire and help them figure it out.  For instance, I ask how they first met, about their first date, what they like to do together and individually.  Then, we take their data and design a wedding that is custom tailored to who they are.” One example is a wedding theme based on one partner’s past career as a pin-up model, the other’s career as an entertainer, and a proposal taking place on an island.  Mixing these events led to a vintage 1950s Coney Island theme, with the ceremony on a stage, reminiscent of a stage show.

Teves said that one current trend, which she forecasts will continue, involves another former time period, the 1920s and 1930s, such as her cousin and partner’s Great Gatsby-themed wedding. Teves says this time-frame theme has impacted wedding color choices too, with décor in black with touches of red or pink, or black and gold or silver with accents of deep red.  “I don’t know what started this trend,” Teves says,” but it seems to be here through 2016, and even for my couples planning weddings for 2017.”
 This return to the 1920s and 1930s is impacting other facets of the wedding too, including bridal wear and formal wear, and Teves says this can present challenges.  “They’re looking for vintage, which can be hard to find.  Vintage wedding dresses often have to be ordered online.”

ARMORY21For grooms, Teves sees fewer tuxedos in themed weddings, unless they are 1920s-1930s themes.  “Grooms are trending toward suits versus a tux.  And suits are not all black, but maybe navy blue, or even patterned.  There are patterned ties and vests, also.” She adds that other grooms are even wearing khakis, jackets and vests, such as one Kennedy-era wedding she’s creating for a Newport celebration this spring. 

Couples are also sliding more into what Teves describes as their own “comfort zone,”  meaning going with their own wishes, not necessarily those of others. “In particular, there is less input from parents,” she explains.  “This can be challenging because couples want something new, and parents often want a more traditional wedding.   But as parents start to see things fall into place, most eventually embrace what their kids want to do.”  Again, the armory wedding provides a classic example. “The wedding was at an 1800s armory, which had also been used as a flea market and for bands and shows. One of the fathers couldn’t visualize that place as a wedding venue.” But Teves says he came to love it. “I was actually brought to tears because of his heartfelt speech at the wedding.  He looked around and thanked my vendors for how they had transformed the space.”

Couples are changing up their food and beverage choices too.    “For drinks, a lot of couples want craft beers They like unique drinks, and some couples want no alcohol at all, but rather soda.”   Teves says patterns are similar for reception dining.  “A lot of couples want that casual feel, and they’re going for stations rather than the sit-down dinner.  It’s a little more homey, and people can mingle.”  She adds that food trucks are also becoming a trend, and at one of her travel theme tropical summer weddings she had a huge tent, and a barbecue truck catered the wedding.   The couple and guests wore casual attire including Hawaiian shirts, lace cocktail dresses and flip flops.   She adds that every centerpiece included a photo of the couple traveling, and the cake was a globe.

Teves says  trends in desserts are changing too. “People are pulling away from wedding cakes. First, it was a cake and cupcakes too, or a smaller wedding cake on a table filled with other desserts.” She says that one of her couples opted for a variety of pies.  “Pies have become a favorite.”

There are new trends in music, too, a mix between DJs and bands, especially bands for the 1920s themed weddings.  “A lot of others are going with the IPod,” she adds, “and their own playlist. This is great for the more casual wedding.”  For those who choose DJs she says the more traditional wedding themed songs are no longer that popular.  “The couples who go with DJs aren’t choosing trending music, but instead, their favorite songs, like from 1970s and 1980s.”

There are also new trends in flowers, photos and entertainment.  “Back in the day, flowers were a very big thing for people.  But they’re a lower priority now.  Some go with fresh flowers, even paper arrangements.”  However, Teves adds that photos are receiving more attention.  “People are spending their money on very good photography, with many people leaning toward a vintage look, the older looking photos.”  She says that the use of 35 mm film is popular, or editing photos to “age” them.  Photo booths are popular, and couples are having games such as bocce ball.

Weddings are smaller now, too. “Much smaller,” Teves says. “The average size is now about 60 to 80 guests, versus the 200 to 300 people that couples invited years ago.” She says that even her couples booking with her into 2017 are setting guest counts at under 200.

However, destination weddings are gaining ground, and smaller numbers of guests can facilitate taking over an entire location, and one example is a snowboard/snow lodge themed Vermont wedding Teves just completed.   “Destination weddings are becoming very popular, especially with so many couples being from different parts of the country, and even the world. So, they choose someplace in between and fly their families in.   At one I did recently at a Vermont lodge,  the wedding was small, with 40 guests.  They rented the entire property for the wedding. Guests came in on Thursday and had a rehearsal, then hearty food, stew, then, they went outside and cooked s’mores.”   Other activities included visiting a local bar to hear the band, and some guests went skiing and snowboarding over the weekend.

Teves adds that while destination weddings are on the rise, weddings in churches, synagogues and other religious settings are waning. “A lot of weddings are non-denominational, or they’re merging elements from two different religions. Most couples are being married by a family member or friend who has known them for a long time.”  She says couples continue to write their own vows and readings too.”

Teves is known worldwide for her uber-creative weddings, but she recalls how years ago she had to relocate from New England to Los Angeles to find a larger outlet for her ideas.   “I moved to California to plan more non-traditional weddings because the weddings in New England were still more traditional.” However, as trends changed toward the more creative weddings over the years, New England clients called her back, hence her east coast and west coast locations.

 But Teves can work her magic anywhere worldwide, including the Azores Islands.  “My family is originally from there, so that makes it easier to work with clients there. It’s been fun working there,” she says of one past event, “because they want more Americanized weddings. So I took elements of what was trendy in United States back then, and had all the guests release balloons.”

Regardless of the wedding size, theme or venue, one new trend is catching on fast:  giving back.   “We encourage our clients to donate their leftover food to local homeless shelters as well as flowers to a local hospice or hospital that is special to them,” Teves says. “So far, all of our couples have done that, which is very rewarding for all of us.”


Angelic Affairs
Kelley Teves


Sarah Howery Hart is a California-based freelance magazine writer, and author of the first in her series of murder mysteries, Catch ‘n Release: The Game.  Avaliable now on Amazon.com!
Website URL: http://www.sarahhoweryhart.com

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Keepsake Book Honors 2015 SCOTUS Ruling

Friday, 20 November 2015
Written by Published in Trends
Marriage-Eq 150Just in time for holiday gift-giving, Melville House is proud to publish a keepsake edition of The U.S Supreme Court Decision on Marriage Equality (Hardcover; October 2015) as delivered by Justice Anthony Kennedy on June 26, 2015.
A milestone in the history of American civil and human rights, Obergefell et al. v. Hodges legalized gay marriage across the United States. It is a powerful testament to the progress of human and civil rights and an essential document of our times.
As Slate has reported, Justice Kennedy's words are already being quoted at wedding ceremonies across the country. This exquisitely produced, small-format volume is the perfect gift to present a couple on the occasion of their legal union. It will also be a coveted, meaningful wedding invitation or party favor for marriage festivities across the country.  An ideal gift as well for couples recently engaged or married, and for long-time advocates of equal marriage rights.
A beautifully packaged gift edition of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s landmark Supreme Court decision on marriage equality, this lovely publication is destined to be a treasured keepsake for years to come!
The U.S Supreme Court Decision on Marriage Equality
as delivered by Justice Anthony Kennedy
Published by Melville House
Pub date: October 2015
ISBN 978-1-61219-532-2
U.S. $14.95 (Can. $19.50)
Hardcover /  64 pages / 5” x 7”
Also available in paperback!

Honoring Loved Ones on Your Special Day

Thursday, 07 May 2015
Written by Published in Jewelry

For many LGBT couples, it is not possible to have parents or grandparents join the festivities of the wedding day.  Many LGBT couples marry later in life, and parents or grandparents are unable to travel or perhaps have passed on.  Or for some couples, there are still parents, godparents or other relatives who don't agree with their lifestyle, and choose not to attend the wedding in person.

The Roxie NecklaceThe Roxie Necklace

And yet many brides and grooms still want to find a way to include their loved ones, and share the special moment of getting married at least symbolically with those who cannot attend the ceremony.

Keepsake lockets are one beautiful way to ensure such a wish can come true.  The company With You offers a beautiful line -- a collection of modern lockets with a vintage look -- including mother of pearl necklaces, sapphire bouquet pins, broaches, bracelets, anklets and rings.  There are a variety of striking styles that can appeal to many different tastes, and are fitting for both women and men.

The LGBT-friendly company With You was co-founded by Mikki Glass, who lost her father to brain cancer in 2002. While searching for a way to include him in her sister's wedding that was both meaningful and private, she created an anklet locket for her sister to wear so their father could "walk her down the aisle,” and then wore it at her own wedding a few years later.  

In addition to beautiful craftsmanship, With You has created an easy way to help fill each locket with the perfect image upon arrival so the stress of resizing, printing and cutting a photo is gone. When the locket arrives, the image (which can always be changed) will already be inside – making it an even more meaningful piece.

Select favorites include:

Roxie Necklace
Luminous white topaz and oxidized sterling silver come together to give the illusion of black diamonds in this beautifully crafted round locket.  ($149)

Claire Bracelet
Claire’s luminous pearls exude grace. The mother of pearl and quartz center stone is a timeless touch—surrounded by shimmery white topaz, the effect is as precious as the photo inside. ($329)

Gloria Bouquet Pin
A sweet—and elegant—finishing touch, this timeless pin is destined to be a treasured addition to any collection.  After the wedding, the locket can be converted to a sweet bracelet – a forever reminder of your special day. ($209)

Esther Bouquet Brooch
A modern update on vintage elegance, this ornate yet streamlined brooch features three mother of pearl and quartz doublets, accented with tiny white topaz hearts. It’s completely feminine and one of a kind. ($199)

Georgie Ring
Stunning as part of a bridal ensemble but appropriate for any occasion, this locket ring’s diamond pavé filigree finishes your look with a delicate touch. Elegant and refined, you will find it difficult to take your eyes off of it. ($329)

Meagan Necklace
Puts a feminine spin on the classic dog tag, inspired by and honoring those who have served.  Sterling silver and shimmery white topaz gemstones.
10% of proceeds from sales of our Meagan are donated to The American Fallen Soldiers Project, an organization dedicated to providing comfort and healing to grieving families of fallen military in the form of original portraits.  ($149)

Mimi Necklace
This beautifully detailed peek-a-boo locket is a modern take on tradition. A petite center diamond is a luxe finishing touch. A perfect everyday piece destined to become a family heirloom. Available in Yellow or Rose Gold plated sterling.  ($229)

Ryan Cufflinks
Inspired by the cufflink’s early history, when royal families commissioned the pieces for special events, our Ryan cufflinks are quite royal indeed. With sleek black onyx studded with a bright white topaz, these cufflinks will turn heads. Add personalized photos inside and they are truly extraordinary.  ($209)

Sadie Bracelet
A double row of freshwater pearls makes this classic piece a beautiful addition to any bridal ensemble, from traditional gown to custom pantsuit. Finished with a brilliant sky blue topaz, a ring of white topaz accent stones, and delicate silverwork that lets your photo peek through.  ($249)


For more information, and to see the full collection, visit:  http://www.withyoulockets.com/

Mimi NecklaceMimi NecklaceMegan NecklaceMeagan NecklaceGloria Bouquet PinGloria Bouquet PinGeorgie RingGeorgie RingEsther Bouquet BroochEsther Bouquet BroochClaire BraceletClaire BraceletRyan CufflinksRyan Cufflinks Sadie BraceletSadie Bracelet





Great DIY Project for Your Wedding Pix!

Monday, 13 April 2015
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Without a doubt, your wedding photos are jumping off the page, and it doesn't quite do them justice to keep most of the images bound in an album on the coffeetable...


Enter WeMontage.com, created by stay-at-home dad James Oliver.  His mission (and yes, he's LGBT-friendly!) is to foster entrepreneurial creativity in others while at the same time offering a trendy, relevant product. James is a passionate family man who loves beautiful photography.

So what's WeMontage all about?  It's an easy way to turn your favorite snapshots into removable wallpaper!  Brilliant!  WeMontage gives new meaning to the picture collage montage. Now you can gather the most compelling shots from your engagement party, wedding, honeymoon and more, upload them to WeMontage.com and when the finished product arrives in the mail, peel and stick in a space that best suits so that you can enjoy your photos all day, every day!

Rather than buying expensive picture frames and nailing holes in your walls- peel and stick. It’s really that simple.  WeMontage will not remove paint or damage your walls and is the perfect newlywed DIY project.  It's a reinvented way of not only sharing your photos but also creating a lasting memory keepsake that you and your partner can enjoy everyday.

And don't forget, this idea is also great for use with your children's photos, family vacation, pets and more.  Have FUN!



888-676-2743, toll-free




Hot Swatches for Ceremony Colors!

Monday, 24 November 2014
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Last year marked a blossoming of wedding themed colors into several different hues, with couples choosing multi-colored combinations that were often sophisticated, often daring, mostly just splashy, happy fun.

It's anticipated that 2015 will follow a similar trend, although many couples will simplify at least somewhat. Instead of five specific colors, for instance, 2015 couples are trending toward focusing in on three.

Remember, theme colors can be used in a variety of different ways during your festivities! -Florals, apparel (for you, your attendants, guests and/or wedding vendors), invitation paper hues as well as ink, ceremony & reception décor, fabrics & linens, wrapping paper/gift bags, napkins, uplighting, favors, candy or dessert stations, wedding cake icing, signature beverages.

Below are some of the combinations expected to be popular next year. Enjoy bringing flair and color to your own Special Celebration!


Sage & Hazelnut with Gold or Copper Accents

Royal Purple & Creamy Yellow, Lavender or Silver Accents

Champagne Blush, Navy & Ash Grey

Pink Champagne, Hazelnut Brown, Copper Accents

Maroon & Silver, this year with a splash of Lavender Highlights

Organic: Bright Yellow, Raspberry & Teal... or Burnt Yellow, Amethyst and Sea Green

Beach-Theme: Teal & Coral are still very popular, many are switching this year to Ashen Blue & Coral instead!

Classic: Red, Black & White... or Soft Pink, White and Chocolate

LGBT Pride: Rainbow Colors with spotlights on Green, Royal Purple & Rose Red






Supreme Court Ruling on the Horizon?

Friday, 21 November 2014
Written by Published in Trends

Reprinted from the JD Journal

Article by: Noelle Price

Photo credit: MSNBC


COULD THIS BE THE ONE?!  Read on for all the details!






Your Wedding in NYC this Summer!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014
Written by Published in Seasonal

safe image.jpg“Proudly Say I DO CRUISE during Gay Pride NYC” - EXCITING event coming up this summer!!  Say your vows and celebrate aboard an elegant yacht in the waters off Manhattan.  Your wedding, with style!



It's your chance to say "I Do" and celebrate Pride Weekend!  Tie the knot aboard the signature yacht at NY Boat & Yacht Charters, and kick off Pride NYC 2014 in elegance and style!  Come as a couple, reserve a table, or support those who can now formally marry the one they love. You deserve the Royal Treatment!

Board the elegant Royal Princess Yacht at 6:00PM for a beautiful dockside group wedding ceremony performed by our "Nautical Priestess." We will depart Chelsea Piers promptly and cruise from 7pm to 10pm. Celebrate with cocktail hors d'oeuvres, spirits, a lavish buffet, DJ entertainment, while cruising the incredible NY Harbor during sunset against with the glittering lights of Manhattan, underneath the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge, and in front of the Statue of Liberty!

NY Boat & Yacht Charters have been hosting private weddings for years and understand how important and meaningful this day is for you. While this is a group setting, it will feel intimate and personal.  Whether you are local or from out of town, this unique event will be fun and fabulous!  Space is limited.  Bring your marriage certificates (if applicable) and ticket(s) with you.  For info about obtaining license, visit http://www.cityclerk.nyc.gov/html/marriage/license.shtml.

For questions, please email lezlee@nyboat.com. This is a private, limited ticketed event. Your ticket is non-refundable unless cruise is unexpectedly cancelled and then tickets will be refunded. You may reserve a table of 8, 9 or 10 at a group discount.  We need names of all attendees for our guest list.  Minimum total guest count is 75. Maximum for this event is 150.  

We are excited to host this very special event!  For more information about Royal Princess, please visit www.nyboat.com.




Hair Today: What’s New for Winter and Spring

Wednesday, 26 February 2014
Written by Published in Trends

Tom HardcastleTom Hardcastle owner of Delilah Salon in Ojai California, creating a romantic up-do. Photo by Maureen Clark.Tom Hardcastle, owner of Delilah Hair Salon in the celebrity-laden hamlet of Ojai, a Hollywood "bedroom community," says there are definitely new trends in hair, as seen this winter and anticipated for spring. "Think Jennifer Lawrence," he begins. "The standout style is the 'crop/pixie' which is gaining in the popular mainstream."

Lindsay Hall, whose four-year-old Baltimore salon, Flaunt, was recently contacted to style for Wilson Phillips on location, agrees. "Whatever is on the red carpet," she says, "popular music artists, and particular celebrities, makes a huge impact on what hair trends are happening in the salon. We are still getting a lot of Miley Cyrus/ Jennifer Lawrence cropped shorter cuts and Justin Timberlake or Macklemore hair for guys."

Regarding color, Tom, who opened Delilah ten years ago, says he's seeing a return to the more natural. "Blondes are heading towards ash, while other colors gravitate towards warmth and red." He adds that, the "ombré" look is on the way out, being replaced by a new 'edgier' trend. "The edgier crowd is wearing panels of color rather than streaks," he explains

On the East Coast, Lindsay says there is still a more subtle ombré, but adds, "I see a lot of natural painted-on highlights (balayage) or looks with blended dimension that are very popular. Metallic color is awesome!" Currently, she's doing the retro look too. "I'm seeing a big wave of 90's hair coming. From grungy pastel fantasy colored hair to French braids. For women, I see a lot of blunt mid length styles with lots of texture. Short hair is still very in and longer mid length hair as well. I would say hair is worn mostly down depending on the length and look trying to be achieved."Lindsay HallLindsay Hall styles a client at her Baltimore salon, Flaunt. Photo courtesy Lindsay Hall.

Regarding length, Tom says it's varied. "But texture is more natural, softer lengths within designs." He adds that a return to natural seems to be a trend in itself. "Natural curl makes a comeback with special curl enhancing products. It's not your mom's crunchy 80's curl." He's also doing up off the face styles in ponytails or twists. He adds, "Bangs are making a comeback, too--soft and sideswept. Bangs set the trend for 2014."

Lindsay concurs. "Bangs are one of the best ways to update or change your look. Natural and thermally created. Bangs 100%."

There are other new looks for brides as well. "Brides are also choosing a softer, 70's-type style," Tom says. "Twisted, sides, looser almost undone, using braids incorporated to bring hair up. With the braids and 'wide' volume, rather than height, simple lines and loose large wave. Flowers are the accessory to look for in an up-do for 2014."

Lindsay says, "Bridal hair now seems more casual. I see one of two things. One, the bride is in a loose but formal up-do and the bridesmaids are wearing their hair down or it's the opposite. I am always doing a ton of volume and making the hair bigger than life for brides' up-dos. Even if the hair is being styled down, there is always volume." She adds that the classic long veil remains popular, and also the birdcage veil.

Regarding bridesmaids, Lindsay says they now choose individual styles. "Before, I think the bride would tell everyone to get an up-do but now it's up to the person." She says retro hairstyles are always in for bridesmaids. "A Classic French Twist or a Chignon never gets old, in my opinion. My favorite thing to do is put a vintage rhinestone brooch in a messier style for one or two of the bridesmaids."

Tom explains the new styles for men also. "Hair shows length through the top, but a high tight back and sides. A bit of an 80's redux."

Lindsay is doing longer tops also. "For guys, the slick side part is moving out and into a more lengthy textured style on top is in. A very tight fade on the sides and a long textured cut on top, which can be worn multiple ways." She adds that undercuts are very popular, as is color. "A lot of blending grey on the sides or bumping the hair at the shampoo bowl for five minutes to brighten it up. I see everything from dark brown grey coverage to painted-on lighter pieces."

Whatever style is selected, "product," is in order, with new trends there too. "Products are looking to exotic oils for nourishment and styling," Tom explains, "such as argon oil and a variety of blends, oil-based shampoos to keep hair soft during the dryness of winter. Oil replaces silicone as the 'must have' ingredient." Among his popular products is the Osis+ Magic gloss, and the Joico K-Pak Split End Mender.

J. Beverly Hills is one of Lindsay's favorites. "His latest product is part of his Platinum line that uses all luxury ingredients for women including shampoo and conditioners to dry shampoo and coconut Revive Oil. We also most always finish the bridal styles with his anti- humectant shine spray to block out moisture in the air and keep their styles looking glossy all day through the wedding." She also uses Kevin Murphy, natural and animal-cruelty free.

"Overall," Tom concludes, styling cues are following the styling of clothes and interior with a definite nod to the early 70's."

And, Lindsay adds one more trend, the blow-out (shampoo, blow dry, and style). "It's a very big trend."


Additional Styles by Lindsay Hall:








Sarah Howery Hart is a California-based freelance magazine writer, and author of the first in her series of murder mysteries, Catch ‘n Release: The Game.  Avaliable now on Amazon.com!
Website URL: http://www.sarahhoweryhart.com


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