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Thursday, 02 October 2014 15:13

Q&A Card Game for You & Yours!

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jmggamephotoNeed a breather from the Wedding Plans? Looking for a fun ice-breaker at the engagement party?   “The Just Married Game” may be your answer!

S.Y.C.K. Girl Games, an indie game company sporting the tag line “games for OUR family” is celebrating several years of bringing the “The Just Married Game” to gay and lesbian couples across the U.S.A. Family Game Night may never be the same!

When partners are asked, “At work, is your partner flaming gay, asexual, or playing it straight?” interesting conversations ensue. Players are often surprised to find out one another’s perceptions about definitions and about each other. Co-founder Christa K. VanMeter says, “Even though we wrote the game and have played it with over a hundred couples, we still sit down and play just the two of us together sometimes. And when we do, we learn a little something new about the other every time we play.”

The game is not just an easy way to relax and giggle together, but also has the potential to help couples build on their relationships and marriages. Some questions are casual and border on silly... others cut right to the chase. Without a doubt, “The Just Married Game” will get the conversation started!

  • “If your partner was a piñata and you whacked them with the whoopin’ stick, what would you say would be the first thing to fall out?”
  • “If you had been born straight, which of your friends would he or she pick as a hetero- lover?”
  • “What is your partner’s favorite superhero?”
  • “Where is your partner most likely to hush you: the in-law’s house, the movies, or a fancy restaurant?”
  • “Where is he/she the most ticklish?”
  • “What will your partner say is the one thing you could do to make them the happiest person on earth?”

Company co-founders Shannon Y. Edwards & Christa K. VanMeter (the S.Y.C.K. of SYCK Girl Games) say, “We ran across so many confusing gender stereotypes when we tried to play other games for newlyweds or straight couples. So we made a game that didn’t have those stereotypes. We feel like our game basically levels the playing field for our community. We can have fun with our relationships, celebrate our marriages, and make discoveries about each other too.”

Both also say, “The best part of the game is playing it with other couples, even straight couples! Although it is gender neutral, there is an occasional question or two that will force a heterosexual couple to think outside their norm – and that can be a learning experience as well as outright hilarious!”

The game features approximately 200 cards and 600 questions with point values of 1, 3, and 5 points. One-pointers are the easy multiple-choice questions but the 3 and 5 pointers get a little tougher and a lot more tantalizing! The game is perfect for a wedding gift or favor, a party game, or as a one-on-one game with your partner. There are even alternate game play rules included with your purchase.  HAVE FUN!

Currently, “The Just Married Game” usually sells for $8 + shipping; check out Amazon to buy your own!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014 16:17

Valentine's Day Bow Ties!

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Looking for just the right combination of suave sophistication and refined romanticism as Valentine's approaches? Or maybe something a little tongue-in-cheek is more your style. You'll find a great selection of Valentine's Day Bow Ties vying for your affection this year... and your partner's!  Check out - our friends in Middlebury VT.  The company is committed to creating high-quality ties and other clothing and accessories; they are also LGBT-friendly!

Most Valentine's Day bowtie designs are available as neckties, as well.

Other merchandise includes dress shirts, ascots, suspenders, belts for men and women, scarves, tote bags and other fabulous fabric accessories.  And be sure to check out their Mardi Gras section!

Monogramming?  Of course!  You can even visit their website for a helpful video about how to successfully tie your new bow tie.

Looking fabulous, made easy!  Happy Valentine's!


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call: 800-488-8437 (U.S. and Canadian customers)
(01) 802-388-4283 (International customers)

Beau Ties Ltd of Vermont
69 Industrial Avenue
Middlebury, VT 05753-1129



Saturday, 02 February 2013 15:42

…To My Valentine: Inspiration for the Sweet Holiday

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Some of the best relationships are built on elemental cornerstones; eternal ideals that can be simplified down to the very basic.

“I will pour more into my love than I expect to get out of it...”  Finding tender ways to enhance day-to-day interactions with your partner will multiply and ultimately reflect back to you, almost magically. Begin making it a habit to ask yourself every morning what you can do that day to make life a little sweeter for your special someone.

“I will remember to let go...”
  Remember, in grade school, when you and your friends would argue there would be just an hour or perhaps a day gone by and the anger was completely forgotten? Allow yourself to recapture that childhood talent. Let any grudges or frustrations you have concerning your relationship or your partner’s eccentricities simply slip away. -The release will truly make you healthier.

“My partner has a different style than I do…”  Every individual is wired with different ways to tap into strong emotions. Find out what most captures your lover’s attention: Does he need to hear, verbally, that you’re committed for life? Does she need to be showered with little gifts every so often? Does he need physical closeness when you express your love? Does she need you to share time discussing her goals or plans, so that she is reassured of your devotion and genuine interest? Also be sure that you communicate your own needs when it comes to displaying intimacy: your relationship deserves your honesty and clarity!

“My partnership is dynamic…”   Try not to regret the fact that those first sparks of newly-found love are no longer at the heart of your relationship. Over time, the bond you create will mature and deepen – it’s only natural. But that doesn’t mean your love is any less passionate! In fact, the wonders of a long-term commitment are highlighted with facets such as Understanding, Shared Vision, Interconnection and oftentimes Heartfelt Awe as you witness one another grow through the years.

“Every day is a new beginning…”  An optimistic outlook always does wonders! Remember that any given moment is a chance for a fresh start, on both a small and large scale. As human beings, we have the potential to enact personal change within an instant; keeping this in mind as much as possible will serve to lighten your relationship. That, in turn, will accent the romance and the joy you share together!

“Remember Valentine’s…”   The idea of a love note may seem silly, especially after you’ve been married for several years. But sometimes it is those simple little displays of affection that really touch our hearts most of all. Allow the familiar traditions to inspire you: a box of chocolates, rose petals in the bedroom, a recited poem over dinner, a love song and secret dance in the darkness.


It will never change: creating a fulfilling and lasting relationship is solely your own responsibility. It is also one of your great joys… and in the eyes of friends and family it may be one of your great gifts to the world. Love inspires. Passion transforms. Allow your partnership to thrive, wholeheartedly. Nourish the connection you share with your partner and it, in turn, will utterly nourish you.