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Friday, 17 June 2016 11:31

Grilled Cheese Galore & Dangerously Delicious Donuts - Food Trucks For the Win!

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Photo Courtesy Galaxy DonutsImage Courtesy Galaxy Donuts Food trucks. I’m sure you’ve heard of these incredible delight-filled vehicles by now, especially if you live in the larger cities such as Austin, Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, etc. If you haven’t heard of food trucks, the name is exactly like it sounds: They’re van-like trucks that have mini kitchens in the back where you can walk up and order something amazing. The food truck chef creates drool-worthy food that they then put directly in your hands for you to deliver straight to your taste buds (BAM! - that’s the sound of your taste buds exploding from eating something soooo good). Many chefs use this kitchen on wheels to create quirky yet amazing tasting creations. 

What kind of yummy quirky creations are out there you may ask? Oh let’s see.... chicken and waffles… check!  Pizza tacos...check!  Ice cream cones filled with thai food...check!  I mean really, you name it...there very well could be a food truck out there serving it and if there isn’t...well, get yourself a food truck and you just may have yourself a million dollar idea! 

So, you may be wondering why we’re talking about food trucks on a wedding site? One word says it all....catering! Food trucks offer a variety of fun, creative food options for you and your guests to enjoy. For example, have you ever thought of a grilled cheese affair? I mean, who DOESN’T like a mean grilled cheese?! If that seems like something that tickles your fancy, check out The Grilled Cheese Experience food truck (www.grilledcheeseseattle.com). They offer all grilled cheese everything! You could even follow-up the grilled cheese meal with donuts for dessert. I mean, why NOT?! To keep up with the food truck theme, you could have Galaxy Donuts (http://www.eatgalaxydonuts.com) join the party. Seriously, a peanut butter & strawberry donut along with a maple & bacon donut? YES, PLEASE! I would leave this wedding a well-fed and happy gal! 

You can offer a full three course meal via food trucks or if you have your heart set on a sit and serve style dinner, you can have a dessert food truck (like DONUTS or ice cream) after the sit down meal or have a food truck to offer drinks and small munchies while guests are hanging out before the ceremony. There’s really no wrong way to utilize a food truck at your wedding and it’s a great ice breaker to get your guests talking and mingling. What is better to talk about at a wedding other than how amazing the brides or grooms look and how sweet the vows were?! Creatively delicious food truck catering! That’s what! If you’re looking for a catering company and want something a little out of the box for your wedding, check out the food trucks that are popular in your city. A kitchen on wheels is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your party!



galaxy2Image courtesy Galaxy Donuts  

Galaxy Donuts is a small local business based in the Seattle WA area. 

"Our goal is to have fun celebrating your event!  We offer fresh made to order mini donuts that will delight your senses and satisfy your sweet tooth, along with hot steaming coffee to complete the experience.  We have also recently added a hot dog steamer, so we can also do steamed all beef hot dogs along with our yummy Galaxy Donuts or Galaxy Dogs all by themselves.  We want to join in on your fun, and give you tasty treats to enjoy."

"One huge benefit is that with Galaxy Donuts, you and your guests get to choose from over a dozen different flavors instead of just one particular flavored cake.  -Everyone gets to choose their favorite!"


Sample Menu Items:/

* Bavarian & Chocolate
Tutti Fruiti
Orange & Chocolate
Powdered & Lemon
Plain, Powdered, Cinnamon Sugared


The Grilled Cheese Experience 2Image courtesy The Grilled Cheese Experience
The Grilled Cheese Experience, based in the Seattle WA area, takes pride in rotating our menu selections with respect to seasonality and freshness. We invite you to contact us and chat with one of our catering professionals to customize your wedding or special event.  We offer a variety of grilled sandwiches and sweet desserts to create a catered menu specifically for you and your guests!

www.GrilledCheeseSeattle.com- Check out our full menu on the website or give us a call! 206-661-5225


Sample Menu Items:

Classic-a blend of 3 local cheddars melted perfectly into artisan bread
BBQ Bomb- Slow Smoked Ribs, Chipotle Cheddar, Signature Mac & Cheese,
       Bourbon Molasses BBQ Sauce
Purple Haze- Blackened Hanger Steak, Borgonzola Cheese (Blue Brie),
       Potato Chips, Blackberry Balsamic Sauce
Mariner Melt- Wild Smoked Salmon, Samish Bay Herb Gouda, Fontina,
       Caramelized onion, Tobiko Caviar
Fig Preserve and Double Creme Brie
Mt Townsend Seastack, Grilled Peach, Basil Grilled
S'more (Nutella and Marshmallow on Cinnamon Brioche)



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Lauren Stockard is a trendy & creative DIY fanatic, and a 20-something go-getter who recently set out for adventure by moving from the suburbs of Atlanta to the groovy cowgirl scene of Dallas.  She married her truelove two years ago and has since continued to help many friends, straight & gay, polish details of their own fabulous ceremonies.  One of her life goals is to help others laugh out loud... as much as possible.

Lauren is the out & proud niece of RainbowWeddingNetwork co-founders, Cindy Sproul & Marianne Puechl.

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