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Chris & Michael - Create a Vision, Forget the Budget!

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Photo by: Steve Germano - Studio 27|Brecknock Hall|Photo by: Steve Germano - Studio 27|Photo by: Steve Germano - Studio 27| Photo by: Steve Germano - Studio 27|Brecknock Hall|Photo by: Steve Germano - Studio 27|Photo by: Steve Germano - Studio 27| ||||
Chris & Michael recently wed on Long Island, NY in a beautiful, elegant and joyful ceremony at Brecknock Hall.  They took a few moments to share a quick Q&A with us here at, to share some of the details of their engagement and wedding, and also shared the link to their wedding video.  Enjoy!
RWN: Tell us the story of how you met... Was it love at first sight?  What were some of the qualities that attracted you to each other, and made you realize that 'he was the one'? 
Michael:  Chris and I met July of 2007.  Chris was with a friend, Tommy.  I was writing a story on the “Rosie Cruise” – Last day of the cruise – we “Officially met” and began our journey together!
RWN:  How did you propose to each other?  Did one of you surprise the other?
Michael:  A few years after meeting – Chris and I set sail on yet another “Rosie Cruise” – and surprised me with a ring!  And I sure did say, YES! 
RWN:  How did your family and friends react to the engagement?  Any insights, thoughts or feelings you'd like to share?
Michael:  Our families are beyond amazing!  Both of our parents have been married for 56 years.  And embraced not only our love for each other but, of course, our Big Day!  It was amazing!!
RWN:  What type of wedding did you have?  Ceremony colors?  Any themes?  Did you include particular rituals or traditions?
Michael:  We got married at Brecknock Hall in Greenport.  Our theme was simple but most important “love” – actually 813.  Eight letters in total, One Meaning, Three words. “I love you” – It was noted at every table, through our vows and message all evening long.  The creator of “813” is a dear friend and if you look at a picture of a butterfly – you will see the numbers “813.”
Each of the outside vendors we used were perfect!  From The food to the DJ – we were surrounded by love!  We were very blessed to have JEWEL as our caterers.
RWN:  How did you feel on your Wedding Day?  What was the range of emotions?  Was it different than you'd expected?
Michael:  We both felt excited, nervous and more so blessed.  Nervous because It was actually happening!  Excited because our family and friends were there to celebrate our love and blessed because we had each and every family member there for us, including our parents – It was an exceptional moment.
RWN:  Describe some of your Ceremony & Reception Highlights.
Michael:  The dance floor that was never empty – We had a comedian at our wedding – and even the RAIN… Didn’t stop a soul from smiling and loving!
RWN:  Did you choose to go on a honeymoon?  Where?
Michael:  We planned one – didn’t go yet.. Sedona, Arizona!  This Fall.
RWN:  Why are marriage rights important to you?  What is your advice to other committed couples, as they consider whether or not to have a wedding of their own?
Michael:  Equality.  The body is a shell – the soul is the inner peace.  Doesn’t matter who you are – everyone has a right to unite with a partner and have that blessing and bond.  It’s important to us because it’s an official seal, it’s protection as we grow older to have our “Properties” protected and insured.
RWN:  Favorite Quote from our Happy Couple?
Michael:  Create a vision, forget the budget.  At the end – love is love!

Brecknock Hall
Greenport, NY
Steve Germano, Studio 27
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